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JNP lead removal Carbon fiber filter

JNP lead removal Carbon fiber filter

JNP lead removal Carbon fiber filter

Product ID: AFP20, AFP10

JNP Japanese composite carbon fiber filter (Enhanced removal of lead type )

  • Superior dechlorination
  • Antibacterial carbon fibers
  • Free from chemical glue binder
  • Large contact surface for high performance

Tripled performance and service life 10 times longer than common filters

Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF): The superior purification function comes from porous openings in the fiber surface. When water passes through the ACF filter, the pores will quickly collect pollutants in the water. The thin long fibers allow for faster water flow and better contact with the material. Studies show that ACF removes pollutants in the water 10 to 100 times more efficient than activated carbon beads. It also extends the service life of ACF filter and reduces replacement cost.

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JNP Japanese composite carbon fiber filter ( Enhance removal of lead type)

AFP20, AFP10



First layer

PP cotton pleat

With a filtering surface 10 times larger than normal PP cotton, it effectively traps sediment, rust, colloid, asbestos fibers and other impurities above 15 um (micron).

Second layer

Japanese activated carbon fiber

Activated carbon fiber material and technology from Japan is used. Carbon fibers have larger surface than ordinary activated carbon, which requires chemical glue agent for binding. This leads to dechlorination 10 times more efficient than normal activated carbon, high iodine sorption rate, low pressure drop, long service life, as well as collecting organic matter and eliminating unpleasant odor.

Third layer

Long-acting antibacterial silver zeolite

Bacteria are less likely to grow on carbon fiber, and the added silver zeolite further destroys bacterial activity in the oxidation process of silver ions. In the presence of oxygen and water, silver can produce free radicals to achieve long-term antibacterial effect and prevent secondary pollution.

  • NSF
  • SGS
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: 中國深圳港

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