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JNP big water softeners filter

JNP  big water softeners filter

大胖軟水濾芯JNP big water softeners filter

Operating principle

Water Guard uses food-grade resins from Rohm & Haas in the US or Purolite in the UK. This water softening technology through resins is knowns as ion exchange. When hard water passes through the resin tank, the Ca2+ and mg2+ ions will be replaced by Na+ ions. Calcium and magnesium compounds will be turned into soluble sodium compounds, thus leaving the water softened. In areas where water hardness exceeds 180 ppm (about 10 GPG), Water Guard softener system is highly recommended.

■ Benefits of Water Guard softener system

  1. Taste and feel: The taste and feel of softened water is markedly better than that of tap water.
  2. Skin care: Soft water improves cleansing efficiency and, in turn, increases the cost-effectiveness of your investment in skin/hair care products and cosmetics.
  3. Reduced waste: Softened water leaves your laundry clean, soft and bright, and your clothes will last 15% longer. Dishes, basins and bath tubs cleaned with soft water need much less detergents and no longer have stains on them, saving you time, effort and money.
  4. Easier maintenance and extended life: Prevents scale buildup from hard water in boilers, water heaters, electric kettle, aluminum radiators and pots, reduces maintenance costs and extends service life of the appliances.
  5. Energy efficiency: Prevents pipe corrosion and increases energy efficiency
  • NSF
  • SGS
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: 中國深圳港

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