Water Guard Central water purifier

Water Guard Central water purifier

JNP Water Guard inlet filter system

Product ID: MW06-20

Water Guard -- whole-house inlet water purification system

One single device that wards off all common pollutants -- Powerful Water Guard offers all the health benefits of large scale water purification equipment.



Water pollution in daily use: 1/3 from drinking, 1/3 from cooking and 1/3 from washing and bathing

Common water filters address only 1/3 of the issue, what about the remaining 2/3

Turning a blind eye does not solve the problem!

Water Guard -- your source of clean and safe water for cooking and washing

■ Applications:

  1. Daily drinking water
  2. Water for washing and bathing
  3. Water for kitchen use
  4. Water for household appliances
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Product name

JNP Water Guard commercial kitchen/equipment water purification system

Product Code No.

MW06-20, MW06-10

Housing material

Impact-resistant food-grade PP

Filter material

High-performance Japanese composite carbon fiber filter (PP cotton pleat + activated carbon fiber + antibacterial formula)

Working flow

2 tons/hour

Optimum working pressure

0.15 MPa to 0.30 MPa

Inlet/outlet thread size

NPTF 3/4"

Applicable water quality

Municipal tap water

Filter life

MW06-20:200 tons (200,000 liters), MW06-10:100 tons (200,000 liters)  Note: Depending on actual water quality

Working temperature

1°C to 50°C

Pressure resistance

125 psi

Housing burst pressure test

500 psi

Filter freeze resistance

Minus 20°C


MW06-20:3.8 kg, MW06-10:2.5 Kg


MW06-20:H 59cm * Upper diameter 15.6cm * Lower diameter 13.5cm

MW06-10: H 33.5cm * Upper diameter 15.6 cm * Lower diameter 14.2cm

Note: Remove the filter and flush the outer cotton pleat under running water every 3~6 months or when water flow is reduced. In areas where water contains more impurities, a pre-filter can be installed to achieve best purification and extend filter life.

  • NSF
  • SGS
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: 中國深圳港

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