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JNP Big Blue with Drainage Design

JNP Big Blue with Drainage Design

Big Filter Housing With Drainage Design

JNP Big Blue with Drainage Design

JNP Big Blue with Drainage Design

Product ID: MH06-10V & MHo6-20V

JNP anti-freeze/anti-burst Big Blue filter housing:

Industry-leading  large flow with wider applications.

World premiere: Big Blue with Patented Drainage Design


In addition to the anti-freeze and anti-burst characteristics of JNP Big Blue, a patented drainage design with a control valve has been added at the bottom of the filter housing. Simply open the valve to drain any sediments and impurities from the filter


Unique design:

1.       Easy to operate DIY; no need for professional service

2.       Easy maintenance; other than filter replacement, no need to open the filter cover for routine cleaning

3.       Total solution: no more frequent and inconvenient cleaning of the filter



1.       Increased filter performance and water quality

2.       Reduced costs of filter housing use and maintenance

3.       Draining away accumulated water for improved health


  1. High resistance to freeze (minus -20°C) and pressure (over 500 psi)
  2. 1 large flow and high resistance to burst pressure
  3. New compact design with a solid base
  4. Dual seal for housing body and top, absolutely no leakage
  5. Imported food-grade PP materials, odor-free
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: 中國深圳港

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