Lead-free Anti-scaling Prefilter

Product ID: MW04-08 series
Lead-free Anti-scaling Prefilter

Water softening & anti-scaling

Removing impurities


Hard water anti-scaling filter, in addition to the features of a lead-free prefilter; Quality food grade materials, easy installation, and best value for money; Preventing scaling by suppressing the conversion of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water. Suitable for areas with water hardness above 180ppm.



With a prefilter, tap water quality can be improved significantly. That is why the German DIN 1988 Codes requires that prefilters be installed in every household.

 100% healthy & lead free

2.5 times more efficient than comparable devices.

Made of ultra-durable bullet-proof PC material


  1. Removal of impurities
  2. Preventing secondary pollution
  3. Environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness

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