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Lead-free multifunctional prefillter

Lead-free multifunctional prefillter

Lead-free multifunctional Prefilter

Product ID: MW04 series

With a prefilter, tap water quality can be improved significantly. That is why the German DIN 1988 Codes requires that prefilters be installed in every household.

 100% healthy & lead free

2.5 times more efficient than comparable devices.

Made of ultra-durable bullet-proof PC material


  1. Removal of impurities
  2. Preventing secondary pollution
  3. Environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness
  • Filter performance: Studies show that particles over 40um account for merely 3% of the total pollutants, but 60% of the total area. For a water purifier, losing 60% of working area will lead to significantly reduced water flow, filtration efficiency and service life.
  • Removing impurities and safeguarding your health

Installed before the water inlet to the house, a prefilter can remove precipitate impurities, microbial debris, iron rust, sediment, dust and other large particles from the pipe. It can also prevent secondary pollution and waterborne diseases.

  • Environmental benefits: Enhanced filter performance and service life will be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Anti-scaling feature for pipes (MW04-08S): Optional anti-scaling feature for pipes

Six characteristics of Water Guard prefilters






Made of food-grade plastic instead of metals

100% lead free, excellent performance and design

No more worries about lead hazards!


Highly anti-freeze, anti-burst food-grade PC, and impact-resistant food-grade PP materials

Food-grade PP cover

PC material can withstand temperatures from minus 40°C to 100°C

Can be safely used in a wide variety of environments


Patented drainage design

Multi-channel drainage design with no dead ends, discharging pollutants effectively

Preventing secondary pollution and ensuring water safety


Large capacity housing

2.5 times the filtration capacity of conventional models

Large water flow for convenient use


Dual scrapers

Scrapers on both the inside and outside that remove contaminants efficiently

Easy to clean, ensuring filter effectiveness


Precision filter screen made of 316 food-grade stainless steel

Effectively filtering impurities over 40um

No filter replacement needed, safeguarding your health at a low cost

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Water Guard 100% lead-free prefilter MW04-08 (anti-scaling model MW04-08S) specifications:

Product Code No.

Net water flow

Working pressure

Working temperatures

Inlet and outlet diameters

Filtration size

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)


4 - 6 M3/h

1.2 - 12 bar

1 - 42°C

1” or 3/4” inner thread





  • NSF
  • SGS
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
  • FOB: 中國深圳港

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