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JNP MANniu Antibacterial Precision Tubing

The last-mile safeguard for your drinking water safety; JNP MANniu is the only precision tubing manufacturer in China that incorporates zinc oxide technology in the ingredient structure for enhanced antibacterial effect.

Wide applications of JNP antibacterial precision tubing

  1. Medical institutions and schools where water safety is of special concern
  2. Restaurants, hotels, railway stations, airports, department stores and other public places with huge traffic flows
  3. Household replacement for old filter outlet pipes to ensure safe drinking water for your family

We welcome inquiries from water purifier manufacturers who are concerned with public health and water quality.

JNP MANniu Commercial Water Purification System

Restaurants and snack bars use large amounts of water every day, a need that cannot be met with household water purifiers. Commercial filters offer large water flow and better quality control, and improve cost-effectiveness by reducing the frequency of filter replacement. MANniu has all the solutions you need!

JNP MANniu uses composite carbon fiber filter from Japan, combined with PP cotton pleat for removing impurities, and carbon fiber for antibacterial effect and chlorine removal. You will enjoy clean water without chemical residues and unpleasant odor, and thus improve your cooking and customer satisfaction.

Long life of carbon fiber filter: Chlorine removal efficiency is 10 times more than ordinary activated carbon. Pressure drop is small, and the filter requires less frequent replacement, allowing better cost control.

Regional distributors wanted to join us in creating a business that benefits the society.

Water Guard -- whole-house inlet water purification system

One single device that wards off all common pollutants -- Powerful Water Guard offers all the health benefits of large scale water purification equipment.

Did you know that common filters only address drinking water and protect you against 1/3 of daily water pollution? The remaining 2/3 of the water pollutants come primarily from baths and showers (chlorine) and water used for cooking. These pose serious health risks too. The good news is JNP Water Guard whole-house inlet water purification system can solve all those problems and ensure safe, clean water for your family.

Established in:2015
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer
Markets:China / Hong Kong North America South America / Caribbean West Europe East Europe / Russia East Asia Southeast Asia Mid-East / Africa Australia / New Zealand
Main Products:Quick water fitting、NSF precision PE tubing fitting、Big blue Water filter housing、Water filter spare parts、Whole house commercial water filters
No. of Employee:100
Factory:China & Taiwan
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr.Peter Kao
Contact:John Ho
Factory:Chigang Village, Humen Township, Dongguan, Guangdong, China ZIP/Postal code : 523921